Grow Oregon Program Expands

July 24th, 2013

VOIS Supports More “Economic Gardening” in Oregon

July 23, 2013 – The Oregon Legislature initiated the Grow Oregon pilot program in 2011. This program provides vital services to Oregon based traded-sector companies that are ready to grow but need strategic business advising and support to make the jump to the next stage of job creation. Despite growing momentum during the initial phase of Grow Oregon, continuation of the program was not guaranteed.

VOIS Board Members Jefferson Smith and Valerie Plummer serve on the Grow Oregon Council – an unpaid, non-partisan board appointed by the legislature that guides the Grow Oregon program. They recognized first hand the need for Grow Oregon to continue as a part of the state’s sustained, long-term job creation strategy. With their guidance, VOIS worked hard to ensure that the legislature continued the Grow Oregon program for the next biennium and expanded its funding.

Learn more about Grow Oregon and other business support services on the Business Oregon website.

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