Member Spotlights

Member: Green Hammer

Since: 2011

Green Hammer, a 25-employee design-build construction firm founded in Portland in 2002, creates high-performance urban spaces with the twin goals of decreasing resource consumption and carbon emissions. The company looks to integrate aesthetics and affordability with extreme energy performance while promoting responsible, non-toxic, and local materials. As owner and president Stephen Aiguier puts it, “Green Hammer joined VOIS to be part of a coalition and a platform: a way for truly innovative leadership to push change forward. It’s one thing to promote ourselves together, but we have to work together to make change.”

Member: Better World Club

Since: 2011

Better World Club is the nation’s only environmentally-friendly roadside assistance club. BWC advocates for alternative transit and the rights of cyclists, gives discounts to hybrid and electric car owners, and donates 1% of annual revenue to environmental cleanup and advocacy. They also provide the only nationwide roadside coverage for bicycles.

Member: Chinook Book
Since: 2011

Chinook Book, your guide to living well and supporting local, sustainable businesses in Portland–offering valuable coupons for products and services that have been carefully screened for environmental and social impact, while helping hundreds of schools and community groups raise over $2 million for their causes. How cool is that?

Member: Green Rising Marketing

Since: 2011

Green Rising Marketing provides full-service marketing through an alliance of hand-picked industry professionals, providing the highest quality and service while respecting client budgets and goals. They work only with green/socially conscious businesses, and the passion and innovation they see on a daily basis is what aligns them with VOIS. They like to work with people who think “BIG” and make change happen. “For companies that want to get to the next level, we are master listeners, creating a powerful message then finding clients who love you just the way you are,” says Holly Caughron, Director of Marketing & Strategies. “That’s our Brand Alchemy. Marketing strategy for the feisty and the daring.” Gotta love that. Welcome aboard, GRM!

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