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An important component of VOIS’s mission is to support its members (and its vision of a prosperous economic future founded on the principles of collaboration, abundance and sustainability) through policy advocacy. The VOIS policy team is the guiding and organizing force in that area.

VOIS seeks to create a unified voice in the policy arena — a voice that represents the values and goals of forward-thinking businesses that want the best for their communities and their region.

VOIS created its Policy Team, which evolved from a strategic planning session that involved a larger cross-section of Oregon’s progressive policy community, to lead the organizations’ efforts in four areas:

  • Educate VOIS members on select local, state and federal policy issues that may affect them and/or the sustainable prosperity of the state.
  • Empower our members so they can meaningfully engage in the policy process.
  • Unify the voice of the forward-thinking business community in Oregon so that it can play a more active and influential role in determining policy outcomes.
  • Positively impact the enactment of policies that foster a prosperous economic future for all Oregonians.

VOIS strives to build a knowledgeable and engaged membership base and a process for helping that base engage in key policy priorities through targeted advocacy. To this end, VOIS strives to:

  • Establish itself as a resource for members of the forward-thinking business community as they gain knowledge of and engage in the policy process.
  • Establish itself as a resource for policy makers and policy advocates.
  • Develop partnerships with a broad range of community and advocacy organizations whose work supports the VOIS mission.
  • Influence the development of legislation that supports the VOIS vision and mission.
  • Effectively mobilize our members to both advocate for and support the passage of VOIS policy priorities.

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