VOIS uses an independent online networking site hosted by FMYI [For My Innovation], a collaboration software company committed to positively affecting society through sustainability and technology. The site helps VOIS share information amongst the members of VOIS teams, and for distributing information to VOIS’s membership. Some of the teams currently active on the VOIS site include Policy Advocacy, Community Engagement (“CommEn”), and Marketing/outreach. Every VOIS member may create their own social networking-style profile page and post news on these pages (which in turn becomes part of a live feed which can be seen by all members of the VOIS FMYI site). Members and teams may use the site or not as they wish. If you create a profile, you may select preferences for how you receive alerts. You may also remove your profile at any time.

FMYI is a locally owned and sustainable company that empowers teams to make a difference to improve their efficiency, innovation and communication. FMYI is a sponsor of VOIS, providing this valuable service for the benefit of our membership. If you have any questions about FMYI, please contact them directly at 888-369-4266 or

To use FMYI now, either create a new profile on FMYI, or sign on to your existing FMYI account.

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